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originally created in 2008 by Piti Yindee, as a platforming game concept with the same name, Wuffle the game would, unfortunately, be canceled due to time constraints. However, due to Yindee's immense love for the character and his design, Piti Launched Wuffle the Big Nice wolf as a  free to read and license Webcomic in 2012 for audiences to read and companies to showcase. 

"Finally, after 4 years, I think I have found the perfect story for him. I just want to see him come to life, living his little adventures with his friends. And here it is, right before your eyes, the comic as you see it today.

I want Wuffle to be a comic for everyone, for people of all ages. I want to bring back the charm of the good old classic cartoons that we saw when we were young.

I hope you enjoy the comic and will come to love Wuffle as much as I have.

Welcome to the world of Wuffle, the big nice wolf!"

Piti Yindee-

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