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Trout Spent

Trout Spent is a New York city-based Creative advocate working in symbolism, nature, life and icons. Originally a fine artist, Spent 5 years wandering in the medium before taking a photoshop class becoming inspired and changing his whole art style, as well as outlook on life. Influenced by Artists like Bansky, Consumer Art, and Mr. Brainwash Trout created the Persona Trout Spent to advocate the meaning behind his idealisms through his new medium. 


I work in symbolism, text, and iconography detailing my thoughts and feelings of nature, order, establishment and chaos. some pieces have a single symbol to represent one thing others have an array of many to explain another. 

I do not consider myself an artist but more so an advocate for expression.


-Trout Spent

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  • Nature

  • Icons

  • Symbols

  • Bansky

  • Mr. Brainwash

  • Life


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