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Be Our Guest

VArtes regulary hosts Guest creators on our site and plugs them on out social media and email lists. Have dope Art? maybe a film or looking for new people to test or play your game? we'll host it on our guest page.

Your content is yours

Period. we work for you! You choose your terms! whether you'd like to be with us for a year, a few months or a case to case base Were here to communicate with you. In addition, we offer a variety of promotions and show outs for your comic and your website! 

Content creator Perks: 

  • social media shoutouts (cross-promotion between V-Artes and Arts Avenue Nyc)

  • Newsletter feature email blast 

  • Your very own content creator page with all your work/comics all in one place.

  • Blog post/interview with you the creator! perfect for your website/Tumblr page

  • Your very own content page where your work lives

  • we work for you, send us the content and we post in the increments you desire.

  • plugs and features at our V-Artes local and live events we'll tale and promote your story/art/content to our people on a regular. Were you're advocates! 

Submit Your Content here

Comics, art, stories, games, and stories we accept it! fill out our submission form and in a few days we'll reach out to you with the following information on how to get started!

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