Wuffle the Wolf comes to V-Artes

From the creative mind of Piti Yindee comes a Webcomic of all ages called Wuffle the big nice wolf. Originally created in 2008 as a concept for a platformer game Piti envisioned Wuffle as everything the motif of the Big Bad wolf wasn't. In his original concept, the game of Wuffle stars the protagonist of the same name as you play through various levels of Gingerbread Forrest protecting it the 3 evil pigs as they look to the Forrest into an industrial waste. Unfortunately due to time constraints and other projects/commissions Yindee was unable to bring that vision to life.

Enter 2012, Where Piti kept the idea of Wuffle alive for the previous 4 years. Piti decided to create the webcomic series around Wuffle and his day to day adventures alongside a charming cast of characters. Aiming to create a series for all ages Yindee worked on Wuffle for the next 7 years until he had told all the stories he needed to tell with said cast of fun characters.

" Unfortunately, we never actually had time to work on the project, and it eventually got cancelled. However, I was really in love with Wuffle’s design. I wanted to see him come to life in some form. If he can’t be in a game, I thought, then he can be in something else. And that’s when I started working on the Wuffle comics project.

Finally, after 4 years, I think I have found the perfect story for him. I just want to see him come to life, living his little adventures with his friends. And here it is, right before your eyes, the comic as you see it today.

I want Wuffle to be a comic for everyone, for people of all ages. I want to bring back the charm of the good old classic cartoons that we saw when we were young.

I hope you enjoy the comic, and will come to love Wuffle as much as I have."

Piti Yindee-

in 2012, Piti Yindee ventured where very few comic artists or even content creators have venture before. Yindee filed Wuffle as a CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)” or No copyright Comic series. What this means is that the Wuffle series, story and even characters are under free licence and public domain for many to use much like various stories in history such as fairy tales and other kinds of public domain stories. Over on yindee's website he not only writes about this move in optimistic and giving way but also encourages others to write, draw, create and even sell Wuffle comics with his endorsement.


"I don’t want to spend time worrying about who has or doesn’t have permission, and I don’t want anyone who likes Wuffle to waste time asking me about what they can or cannot do."

"Time is precious and I think we’d rather spend it on creating more works of art than this permission stuff.

I’m pretty sure that more people will do something like this in the future,"

"considering that it gives creators more power than publishers. Hopefully Wuffle will go far and will serve as an example that you don’t need copyrights to succeed."

-Piti Yindee

After reaching out to Piti Yindee and some heartfelt conversation, V-Artes Publishing has recieved a Yindee endorsement not only to promote Wuffle on our page but also create stories and tales with Wuffle the Big Nice Wolf as many creators have done so in the past with Illustrations and stories

V-Artes Publish has aquired the entire backlog library of Wuffle the big nice wolf to read entirely on our page site. Our aim is to showcase Piti Yindee's amazing selfless works in it's original way to readers and introduce them to the world of Gingerbread. Of course with all informational links following back to Piti Yindee We here at V-artes are happy to work by Yindee and welcome Wuffle into V-artes as an extended part of our family.

Read the entire first season of Wuffle here!

Orginal source for Wuffle comics:

Support Piti Yindee and his creations here:

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