Vartes Magazine Launch

On November 18th 2017 Co-founders of Arts Avenue Nyc Emmanuel Knight and Gerard Thelemaque launched Vartes Magazine self-published serialized independent comics and Illustration magazine featuring local art from Illustrators from NYC, articles on local visual art paired with comics.

Vartes's Aim is to spread the spotlight on hardworking content creators with stories to share with the public through comics and sequential art. The debut publication features both Knight and Thelemaque's debut comic series: Magna Ax and Altafreya VX. each story features a one shot to get readers familar with the art style and characters.

One-shots are defined as pilot test runs for the aim of a continuation of a series. similar to TV pilots. One shots are usually presented in contests, which later turn into fully serialized stories.

Magna Ax and Altafreya Vx are presented in one-shot format for the debut Issue with the next Issue #Issue 1 featuring both story's respective first chapters.

Read About the 16th Year Anniversary of These Comics!

The Debut Issue of Vartes Magazine features Both Ax and Vx along with a mission statement article on Arts Avenue NYC. In future Issues of Vartes Magazine there will feature artist bios, character designs and a rotation of different comics/ sequential art stories.

Vartes is dedicated to serving the pop culture and visual art community through fun and engaging content while giving our creators the platform to shine,

Read the first debit Magazine here!

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