V-Artes Partners with KuroManga13

V-Artes NYC welcomes Mangaka creator Kuroimanga 13 to our Platform!

Born June 7th, 1995 Dawson Jones Is a american artist and musician with a focus in comics and manga. Under his pen name,

Kuroimanga 13, He has published a variety Manga over on his website https://www.kuroimanga13.com/ such as Yaskue,Tsuki, and

and Naraharu. his Manga series can be found a variety of platforms.

Kuroi's current series is a supernatural thriller manga that tells the story of Juju Tantei, a special breed of dectectives that are dedicated to tracking down evil doers who commit crimes. Not just any crimes but crimes that deal with the supernatural Juju curses.

Read The thrilling One-shot for his upcoming weekly series here!

Visit the official website and support the Mangaka!

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