road to 11 Gets a name

The road to November gains an identity in the name of P.I.C. Expo which stands for Independent presentation for comics. This title rings true for V-Artes as it will be featuring it's 2019 catalog of content as well as teasers and trailers for their 2020 line up. Alongside V-Artes will be It's sister Organization Unbound Story Ink. who will aslo be showcasing a collective of content under their Brand. P.I.C.Expo is the biggest V-Artes event of the year the first one dating back in November 2017 with the launch of the One-shot magazine.

P.I.C. Expo's date is set for November 23rd 2019 more information will roll out as we move closer to the event date. stay tuned and please be excited!

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