Project Magna 2019

Despite no Chapter 7 of Magna Ax this Year Creator @Theserialdoodlist has kept busy creating new content for 2019. Titled Project Magna, The project consists of 3 new projects under the Magna

Project 1: Magna Ax Tumblr page:

the official Magna Ax Tumblr Page, which consists of original art, unused pages, and behind the scenes looks at the creation of Magna Ax. What makes the Tumblr page stand out are it's header and sub header pages loaded with Magna Ax world building lore from consistently updated character bios, settings and locations as well as a world building timeline of events.

Project 2: Magna Ax Revise

Originally released in March of 2018, Creator the serial doodlist revisits Magna Ax chapter 1 with a smooth revision that sees upgrades to the first chapter of the mothership series. Such updates include:

  • Updated Panels and art.

  • updated dialogue and text.

  • Revised Chapter cover

Magna Ax revise is slated for a December 2019 release.

Project 3: Magna Ax Motion Comic

Magna Ax closes out 2019 with a special Motion comic one-shot feature titled Magna Ax Vita Industria slated for a December 2019 release. A first for V-Artes Content in an new engaging format.

These 3 projects in addition to a New Magna Ax trailer and lookback at 2 years worth of content will be streamed online on December 7th 2019 on Vlare TV & Instagram TV.

Read Magna Ax Volume 1 now:

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