Pic Expo 2019

P.I.C. Expo, which stands for Presentation for Independent Comics is the inaugural comics showcase focusing on independent collectives and publishers to introduce and advertise current upcoming comics and content as well as related merchandise to the general public and potential retailers. P.I.C. Expo provides a space intimate space along with an aesthetic vibe to connect content creators and lovers in one place to celebrate independent comics and sequential art. 

Sponsored by Arts Avenue NYC, the inaugural P.I.C. Expo will feature a line up of presented works by V-Artes Publishing & Unbound story Ink highlighting their published content as well as upcoming trailers for what's to come for 2020. 

P.I.C. Expo was created through the idea that there are many kinds of local and big time conventions but nothing where creators can show off their work exclusively. After drawing inspiration from E3, a video games presentation trade show, P.I.C. Expo was born, created as a space for creatives to show off their best work as well as celebrate independent comics as a medium just as primary and elite as other comics.

V-Artes NYC

V-Artes publishing is an NYC based Comics & Content publisher focusing on story-driven and fascinating creator-owned content ranging from Comics & Art to original shorts and Video Games that not only promotes our brand but adds different dimension and depth to the art of world-building in a new way. 

Unbound Story Ink 

Unbound Story Ink is a hub for independent creators to tell their unique and captivating stories through Art, Writing, Audio, and Film.  We have a collection of original comics and short stories, you can find a story just for you.

P.I.C. Expo will take place on Saturday, November 23rd At Art's Avenue NYC tickets are open to the general public and content creators alike.

for more information on how to book a ticket, please register below

P.I.C. Expo Tickets here:

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