New comic series Altafreya VX Debuts today!

Altafreya Vx created by Co-founder of Vartes and Arts Avenue Nyc Gerard Thelemaque is the sister series to Magna Ax. Altafreya is written and Illustrated by Gerard telling the other side of the story of Magna Ax, following a different cast of characters, plot and thematic storytelling.

The story opens and follows former Child of Zaion and AX operative named G. G lives his day to day life under the care and protection of Nami Nakashima (also A former Ax operative) upon arriving at his day job a courier for a man named Boss owner of S.H.O.P. G is told he must deliver a mysterious Item to a specified location in the out skirts of Old Allure the remains of the former city after the calamity known as the Grand disaster which had occurred 3 years ago.

Upon arrives to Old allure G finds that his life is not what it seems and that things are to change his experiences moving forward forever.

Read the exciting first chapter in the series that is Alatafreya VX now!

Read Phase 1 Story G: Here!

learn more about the Altafreya VX by reading Magna Ax the series!

Read Magna Ax the series here!

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