Magna Ax Isle of Sanctum Video Game.

November 18th 2017 creators Emmanuel Knight and Gerard Thelemaque launched One shots of their comic series Magna Ax and Altafreya VX Under VArtes magazine! In addition to their release, Knight and Thelemaque held a release launch party on the inaugural Anime NYC weekend. featuring tons of give away prizes along with a public reading.

One of the highlights of the public event was the Video game creation of Magna Ax developed by Emmanuel knight as an interactive 2 part portion to his comic's story! featuring the conclusion to the first act of Magna Ax's One shot. This very same game will now be available for download for both Mac and PC January 31st 2017!

Magna Ax the isle of Sanctum is a turn based RPG game based on the One shot of the same name and features act 1 of the comic and the conclusion of the story only found in the game.

Own it for free this January 31st available for download right here on the Vartes Website! hosted by Arts Avenue NYC!

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