Magna Ax chapter 6 available now!

After a brief set back in release date, Magna Ax stage 6: The War Mage and Ultimatum is available to read now! the latest chapter of Magna Ax clocks in at 52 pages in total completing the first volume of

the series!

"after obtaining the Fabula Historia Book from Boss team Sato now has more leads over the mysterious influence of Dran in New Allure city. The Mysterious Man in glasses along with his associate who has been tracking Sato since his arrival in New allure finally makes his play with a mind blowing ultimatum for Satoshi and Veck revealing he knows of their history as children of Zaion!"

Magna Ax will take a brief one Month Break from November to December where the first chapter of Volume 2 will release. Magna Ax stage 7!

Read Magna Ax Stage 6 Here:

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