Magna Ax chapter 4 Is Live.

The Great story continues! Magna Ax chapter 4 is live and available to read on our updated comics page! In addition, Magna Ax has a new landing page where you can read the plot summary of the series, download the free Magna Ax video game and of course read all four chapters of Magna Ax in one place! The landing page will be the new source for direct consumption of content for Magna Ax.

Magna Ax chapter 4:

After the monster attack the previous night satoshi awakens the next day to find Hanasu plans to enroll him in New allure high school. Despite hos protests Hanasu does just that. Satoshi is confronted by school bullies led by the tyrant bully named veck ryo which satoshi reacts to his name in an odd way. Are satoshi and Veck somehow connected? Meanwhile Dran's devotion Cartias has made his way into New Allure city to hunt and exterminate sato!

How will it all unfold read now in Magna Ax chapter 4!

Read Chapter 4 Here:

Read Previous Chapters of Magna Ax here

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