Arts Avenue X Nublaque presents the Gallery

October 26th, 2019 Arts Avenue NYC partnered with Music organization Nublaque to create an dope, exciting and amazing speakeasy style Visual and musical showcase featuring 5 Visual artists, and 20 musical performers. a first for both Arts Avenue and Nublaque in exciting ways.

Founder of Nublaque, MicAndre is a songwriter, song producer and performing artist who works with local performing artists bridging the gap between being getting paid for your work and working hard to create great content. When not working to connect and inspire musical artists he is one half of the group D.P.T.R. (Don't Play The Radio) alongside performer Nex Levo.

A first for Nublaque, MicAndre approached Arts Avenue's co-founder Emmanuel Knight with a grand vision to combine both worlds together for a in history to never be forgotten. After a stimulating conversation Emmanuel enthusiastically agreed to co-host Nublaque's performing artist showcase here at the Under the Avenue speakeasy location.

at 7:30 doors opened and a mix of performers, artists and guests began to fill the Under the Avenue Space as MicAndre, Emmanuel and Gerard warmly invited everyone to the showcased titled the Gallery. After pleasant greetings the showcase began comprising of the first of music performances. The energy of the room began to electrify during the first half of the showcase as the performers and guests shared a powerful connection and symmetry matching wave lengths.

After the first half of music. Arts Avenue Nyc introduced the Visual Artist circle portion of the Night. Featuring 5 visual artists in total. each Artist took to the stage to represent themselves and convey their passion for what they do, who they are and why they create the pieces they create. A raw intimate moment between creator and lovers and admirers of their work.

From the artist talk, a brief 15 minute intermission was held which led to the final act of the showcase. The second line up of performers took to the stage and began. The vibe continued, the energy continued to grow, and grow under the Avenue!

A beautiful night full of creators of color coming together to celebrate their hard work, and excellence among the community as they continue to bridge the gap and build the future for the Arts.

here below is the list of social media handles for all the performing and visual artists for the night. Reach out, connect and support the local gems of NYC!


Arts Avenue NYC:




Visual artists:

Instagram Links @franilugo @shaolinlocartist @pattie_dayz @_.ickeres

Musical acts:

Instagram Links @_twisted_fiction @filthyrev @sweet.sully.sel @seanhawkinsjr @itsdontplaytheradio @geniquemusic @_tamiamoore x @omaraps1 @franilugo @bgoodofficial @aqthegod @johnnyvudoe @sensitivegem @theindigoforrest @e._the_.real @majincartel @thespiritofsam_ @rustnic_ @nahreallyraps @saintwolf @newyorktalk @villainhustle

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