First show of the year & Blog Updates.

The New year kicked off on February 2nd, 2019 for Arts Avenue NYC with their newest exhibition Resolution! A visual and performance art showcase featuring talented, visual artists from NYC to Chicago as well as wonderful live musicians and poets.

Resolution was a major success drawing in one of our largest Arts Avenue crowds yet interested in art, music, and networking alike! for this year were trying out something new with our blog posts! when we post about our showcases we will provide links to our Instagram page as well as our visual artists pages for you the readers to take a look at their work as well as photos from our events!

Resolution Visual Artists:

Francesco Cottone:

Sarah Braden:

Amarachi Esowe:

Nichole Spates:

ScyFY artistry:

Raytion the Inu:

Josh Heineman:

Lawrence Alexander:

David Grinage:

Brandon Sanders:

Performing Artists:

Audio Spray:​

Jeremiah Black

Kiki Devii

Kairiah Anderson

B. Good Official​

In the upcoming days we'll have new photo albums showcasing our previous showcases! stay tuned and pleas ebe excited!

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