Return Show, Residency, and Sponserships

Arts Avenue Nyc returned on 3/31/18 with it's 18th event in the 2 years in operation. This showcase featured 9 amazing visual artists, and 3 greatly talented performers to create a night of positive energy, beautiful art, and electric performances.

From the moment the event went live in mid March tickets to the performance Immediately sold out! were truly happy to be back and grateful for the support we got over the weekend. This showcase saw new local artists showcase with us along with 2 returning visual artists one of which sold an art piece the very same night!

In addition to our returning showcase, we here at Arts Avenue Nyc made some new announcements concerning the future of our organization.

Arts Avenue Residency:

This summer season Arts Avenue will be seeking out local visual and performing artists for free residency studio hours here at our Under the Avenue Lounge space. Arts Avenue will host a small number of creatives with 2 free hour studio session times. for artists to work on their music, or their visual art throughout the summer.

Student Sponsorship:

Arts Avenue will also be sponsoring Art students with free exhibition opportunities! This means college students will be given two free exhibition showcases to attend with us on the house for the entire year. this includes our bigger showcases that take place outside our homebase studios!

being working artists ourselves we understand how hard it can be to put yourself out there into the art world. We want to provide as many tools and resources as we possibly can to help. Arts Avenue is in the artist's corner.

we will be rolling out updates on how to apply to both applications in the future.

Please stay tuned!

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