Vero the App for the artist? Full break down and what you need to know about the New social.

Social media platforms have come and gone over the past few years due to the demand of user ability to connect with others and share your prospects and interests online. Visual artists have become especially savvy to using social media platforms to enhance their reach to potential buyers, fans, and clients as well as strengthen their demographic. Popular apps like Facebook and Instagram stand at the forefront for creative artists of all kinds due to their ability to evolve and meet the demands of their large users.

What makes Facebook and Instagram so marketable to artists is it's use of advertisements, through paying for ads you can create and aim straight for target audiences of your niche or craft and bring in the new likes, follows and business. However, the flip-side is having to create ads that stand out compare to your competition that can widely range from any varying product. You can't go 4 posts without seeing a targeted ad on your social media account these days.

Enter Vero.

originally, founded in 2015, over the past few months Vero has boomed into the social media game due to it's hardcore word of mouth followings and touts from creators such as Zack Snyder. What makes Vero a marketable app is 2 huge factors. No ads, and organic chronological posts. Facebook and Instagram has done away with the chronological order in which your posts appear on your app's news feed. Vero, keeps it simple and in order.

By Eliminating ads, and targeted Algorithms, the Vero app offers an authentic social media experience allowing you to fully regulate and control not only what you see, but what you post. It does this by curating it's own content front page and center and focuses on the creative artist and individual user.

Vero first claimed to keep their app ad free by introducing a paid subscription down the line and that the first 1 million users would have a free user subscription for life, however, now due to passing 3 million downloads and 1 million registered users, It has waived it's subscription making the application free for life for everyone to take a part of.

You control your content:

when it comes to creating a post You have 6 Options, Pics/video, Links, Music, Movies/Tv, Book, and Place/location:

Let's break this down for you:


You can Posts pics Similarly like how you do on Instagram, What makes Vero cool is that once you've chosen your picture and made your changes you can set who sees your posts whether it's close friends, public or private. when posting your work you can also hashtag very much like Instagram to get your post seen more across the app.


Links are a cool feature for Vero because you are able to use Vero's direct search engine browser built into the app to search your social media links then post it directly to your feed on the same page. The possibilities are endless with this feature when it comes to showcasing your work.


When it comes to posting music Vero allows you to search for your favorite songs then post that you're listening to it, from there Vero uses a clip from the song as a post along with it's official album cover. In addition, you can get your music critic on by clicking the recommend, or not recommend button as well as type out what you love, hate or are simply feeling about the song in the captions section.

Movies/TV and Books:

the Movies/Tv and book posts work the same way. You search for the current movie/show/book then post it with the options of reading, want to read, watching, watched or want to watch. both features have written captions and do you recommend button. once you're done share it right on your profile for the people to see what you're up to in between life and



much like Facebook, you can check into a location with Vero. In addition, Vero gives you the options to recommend the location you're at as well as let people know you want to go, or you've been there in the past.

Some controversial tales:

as fun as this application sounds, there has been some rumblings that have followed behind it. much it having to do with Vero's CEO, Ayman Hariri. Hariri is a billionare who previously served as a deputy CEO chairman of Saudi Oger, a construction company founded by his father. There have been reports of Saudi Oger workers being treated very badly by the company. These reports claimed that the workers were unpaid and left to live in cramped living quarters with very to little food, water, or medical treatment care, per Reuters. The Saudi Arabian government stepped in and the company shut down in 2017 due to “mismanagement,” according to Bloomberg.

It's worth noting a Vero spokesperson said Hariri had left the Saudi Oger in 2013 "to pursue other initiatives" and since then has not been in any oversight or operations in the company tat that time.

Another concern of the people worth nothing is that some of Vero app developers are Russian. some people feel that during this time of Russia's attempts to use social media as an influence in the 2016 election that it may not be wise to trust a social media app with potential Russian connection.

What are your thoughts on Vero?

Is this the social media app of the future for artists?

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