Vero the App for the artist? Full break down and what you need to know about the New social.

Social media platforms have come and gone over the past few years due to the demand of user ability to connect with others and share your prospects and interests online. Visual artists have become especially savvy to using social media platforms to enhance their reach to potential buyers, fans, and clients as well as strengthen their demographic. Popular apps like Facebook and Instagram stand at the forefront for creative artists of all kinds due to their ability to evolve and meet the demands of their large users.

What makes Facebook and Instagram so marketable to artists is it's use of advertisements, through paying for ads you can create and aim straight for target audiences of your niche or craft and bring in the new likes, follows and business. However, the flip-side is having to create ads that stand out compare to your competition that can widely range from any varying product. You can't go 4 posts without seeing a targeted