100 days of Illustration Challenge

Arts Avenue NYC would like to wish you all a happy healthy New year full of productivity and new projects to come to life! That being said, co-founder Emmanuel Knight (The Serial Doodlist) has come up with a new Art challenge for 2018 he's sharing with the local and online artist community.

100 days of Illustration

an 100 day challenge where artists/creatives takes at least 30 minutes to create a Illustration a daily for the next 100 days of 2018. Knight orginally created the challenge to create new content and update his artist portfolio for the new year. However, upon the second day of the challenge he found himself having fun and wanted to share it with anyone interested in partaking and trying it out.

" I was originally inspired by Illustrators and cartoonists Will terrel and Kevin cross who partook in the 100 days of making comics challenge where once a day each artist would work on their comic project for at least 30 minutes a day until the 30 days were completed. I found that highly motivating and fascinating and wanted to do my own. I'm already working on Magna Ax the comic for @Vision Artes and I had recently finished a 4 page comic to end 2017 so I wanted to do something a little different. I decided to put a little spin on their challenge and do 100 days of Illustrations to challenge myself to work on something every day.

Consistency is key, and having a visual outlet and place to do it helps so I chose online to post. I'm only 2 days and I'm having fun. I figured this would be fun to share as well!"

-Emmanuel Knight

You can read more about the challenge and partake in it yourself right here on the Arts Avenue NYC website! here's the link below!

Have a safe, and creative New year!

-Link to 100 days of Illustration's page-

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