Varts Magazine Launch Party

529 Arts Avenue is proud to present Vartes Sequential art and Illustration. A platform for content creators to showcase their works from comics, to Illustration and designs. November 8th 2017 Is Vartes Official magazine launch after party taking place after the Inaugural Anime NYC convention.

Vartes Magazine will feature 2 debuting comics created by co-founders of both 529 Arts Avenue and Vartes Emmanuel Knight and Gerard Thelemaque.

What Vartes Magazine Offers:

Vartes Magazine will run as a Monthly comics and Illustration magazine similar to the model of the weekly Shounen Jump magazine. In addition, our magazine will feature independent artists, designers and Illustrators highlighted with their own pages featuring bios, statements, social media handles and their visual art cover 2-3 spread pages. The comics portion of Vartes Magazine w ill feature comics and stories by independent artists/comic creators. Our comics portion will be minimum 5 pages and maximum 40 pages in length covering both serialization series: (ongoing titles) and one shot titles. (original stories that finish in that chapter of pages)

Debuting comics:

Vartes Magazine will be featuring 2 debuting comics! Magna AX created by Emmanuel Knight, and Altafreya VX by Gerard Thelemaque 2 stories that take place within the same universe each telling a different side. One side a story of will, conviction and adventure within the word. the other, a tale of untold truth and perspective of an unknown world.

Both Magna AX and Altafreya VX will be debuting special one shot stories followed with character bios, overview of the world of Sekai (where Ax and most of VX takes place) and more!

Magna Ax will also have a follow up demo Rpg game for players to follow the events after the comic to continue the story of Magna Ax.

Promotional Material:

Vartes Magazine will be giving away promotional merchandise to celebrate the debut of the 2 comics showcasing this November. with our celebration we will be giving away promotional artwork, key chains, and special limited edition cards and promotional video game of one of the comics.

In addition, Vartes will host an art exhibition curated in the Arts Avenue NYC speakeasy Gallery featuring Illustration and comic art. from local Nyc Artists. much like our Arts Avenue events there will be refreshments and more!

Arts Avenue Nyc is celebrating content creators of all kinds through Vartes as well as providing a platform to showcase their great stories and designs ready to be shown to the world. For more information about Vartes check out our Vartes page!

Tickets available don't miss out on history being made!

Vartes exhibition release tickets!

Vartes Page:

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