Giving Comics Back to the Community, Unbound story Ink the comics company for indie creators

"We all want to be the Jack Kirby and Alan Moore of our time

But we don't want to lose the rights to our creations"

This rings true for many content creators who currently work, or aspire to work in the comics field. Often times independent creators self publish to retain the rights to their work and distribute their work either online, through conventions and Illustration fairs and throughout their community.

Unbound story Ink exists to help with each of these. Solely focused on the creators right and creation of content Unbound stands to connect independent creators of many talented backgrounds in the comics fields from creators, writers and illustrators to give them a platform to showcase their work to the general public who reads and invests in independent comics. Unbound also elaborates that it can be hard to create a brand out in the market with so much competition from big names that dominate most of the attention of viewers. Therefore Unbound has created very careful and creative ways to highlight their indie creators.

These platforms include

Unbound Mondays:

Every Monday on Unbound story Ink's Instagram page a comic panel or page is uploaded and updated by their own Inide creators. Unbound's current Monday title is With Death written and Illustrated by Rashawn Love.

Written Wednesdays:

Every Wednesday creators can upload written pieces of work such as short stories, poetry, pages from their graphic novel script and more that deals with writing. Unbound's written Wednesdays page is currently filled with different genre's of writing from Crimson: an upcoming written Novel by Rashawn Love to different pieces of poetry.

Drawn Fridays:

On Fridays, creators can upload original art, paintings and Illustrations to the unbound story Ink's Instagram page to be featured and highlighted.

In addition to the services Unbound Story Ink provides, Unbound has recently launched their Indie creators Video series which highlights the independent content creators throughout New York city. In fact! you can catch Co-Founder of 529 Arts Avenue Emmanuel Knight on Indie creators! Above is the trailer for Emmanuel's Interview on his work, thoughts on the art world and involvement of 529 Arts Avenue!

Overall, Unbound story ink is a great platform for indie creators to showcase and highlight their work. Created by New York City visual artist and creator Rashawn Love, Rashawn aims to create a place for artists, writers, storytellers, and business people to collaborate and cultivate brand new talent while not compromising the rights of the individual creator.

Brace yourselves NYC

Storytellers are coming.

Learn more about Unbound story Ink:

Unbound Story Ink Youtube Page

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