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Instagram Beta tests Links in stories Feature. How you as a Creative may Benefit

August 29, 2017


For quite sometime now Instagram has been beta testing Links in stories quietly. This means you would be able to add links to your story upload feed to company your content on Instagram. So Far only verified Instagram users have the functionality at the moment. However, if you surf through stories you'll be able to see how it looks and engage the post. 



How it works: 

Like usual, you would tap the Instagram stories icon in Instagram to open up the stories function. once you've taken a photo or video clip you will see A paperclip link There, a new window will appear on your phone which allows you to put the destination link of your choice. Paste in your URL and tap the check mark on Android devices, (Done) on IOS to save your link. 


Once you've inputted your link the paperclip icon will be highlighted to show your link is functioning. There, you can continue editing your story with stickers, video, photos etc and post. Once your post is live in stories people will be able to view and interact with your post by swiping down which will redirect them to your content. 



What We know so far: 


Verified Users have access 


At the moment Instagram stories is in beta testing phase with verified profiles. This means profiles that exceed over 12K followers at the moment. Linked stories are currently floating around throughout Instagram news feeds so you'll be able to see and interact with them in order to get a better illustrated idea of how the platform,. 


Instagram hasn't revealed any date or said any words if the Beta Links will be available to the public at this moment. 


Users are promoting traffic, Sales, and Calls to action


From what we've seen so far, users are using links to promote site traffic, calls to action for their sites as well as promoting products. 



How you as an artist can be prepared to benefit


As content creators, artists, musicians, writers these links can be a great asset to your social media branding. 529 Arts Avenue has complied a list of helpful tips in case the Instagram Beta Links become available. 


(note these can be applied in other ways outside of Instagram as well)



Drive Clicks with Call to action