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529 Arts Avenue 1 Year Anniversary Exhibition

August 28, 2017


8/25/17 Marked 529 Arts Avenue's 1 year run running our first exhibition from August of last year to August of this year with a well rounded 10 showcases from group exhibitions, to partnered events and everything in between. Our anniversary exhibition also marked the grand re-opening of the Loft studio space and Lounge space. The Loft studio space now renamed the Loft space @ Arts Avenue undergone significant changes from the bar space, to the overall interior design to bring a more intimate, and charming experience when it comes to focusing on the art and the people coexisting in the same space. 


Our showcase featured a New list of 529 Arts Avenue artists featured on the main wall showcase alongside a few returning visual artists. In addition to our newly renovated space 529 Arts Avenue has included a new Visual artist workshop which allowed out guests to bring out their creative sides and show off their vision as well as a new bar selection to delight and enhance the experience of the intimate environment. 


Visual Artist list: 


Andrew Sandberg:

a NYC based painter working primarily in oil which focuses primarily in oil with the landscape as a secondary, conditioning element. Andrew's purpose of his work follows moral ideals as in embodied in the human figure. 


Follow Andrew's work here! 







Latridra Washington

Born and raised in the Bronx, Latridra earned a bachelors degree in the Arts from CUNY City College of New York. She uses a wide range of materials in her work such as acrylic, oil, ink, gouache, watercolors etc. Latridra focuses in the visual expression and emotions in her paintings which represent the emotions that viewers may feel when experiencing her art. 


Latidra's Work: 







Robison Rodriguez

Is a Ecuadorian artist based in New York city who enjoys expressing the intimacy and silence of thoughts with colors over the canvas. He strongly believes that abstraction allows people to see with their minds what they cannot see through their eyes. 


Robison's work: 





Janel Young

originally from Pittsburgh, Janel is a NYC based artist with a focus in abstract and landscape works, including styles that contain lots of blending, bright or metallic colors, geometric-inspired work and multi-panel series. As a painter, her media of preference are acrylic, spray paint, and oil. Janel developed a love for painting as a preteen and followed by completing the inter