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529 Arts Avenue presents Vision Artes comics and Illustration

March 26, 2017


529 Arts Avenue is proud to present Vision Artes Illustration and comics. A project that has been in the making between both co-founders Emmanuel Knight and Gerard Thelemaque for over 10 years. Vision Artes is a Branch of 529 Arts Avenue focusing on Nyc based Illustrators and comic book writers/creators. Vision Artes aims to connect illustrators and comic book artists as 529 Arts Avenue has done for local artists and creatives to art lovers. Originally Illustrators and comic artists, Emmanuel Knight and Gerard Thelemaque originally aimed to launch Vision Artes first among the comic book community before 529 Arts Avenue. However, due to time constraints and the lack of a well developed plan 529 Arts Avenue, the second thought process came first with a solid business and creative plan which has spanned one year in sucessful aworkshops, events and exhibitions. 



What is Vision Artes? 


Like 529 Arts Avenue, Vision aspires to fun and engaging content in the Illustration and comics world. In addition to that goal, Vision Artes aims to create the best focused and original content in the Nyc Independent comics and Illustration market.  Giving Nyc artists a chance to showcase their Illustrations, Graphic novels, character design and more. 


We aim to create a platform for artists to thrive and art lovers to become customers and fans of our collective's work. 



Why Illustration and comic? 


We believe that comics has and is currently going through a renaissance, from marvel and DC cinematic movies and tv shows topping box offices and tv viewership to Anime becoming a more main stream view-able content. Comics, anime, and manga are back on the rise! everyday people are looking to read, and tune into great stories like  the walking dead, Arrow,  and popular Hayato Miyazaki films. Vision Artes believe it is the time for the local artist, creator and Illustrator to rise and flourish in this rebirth!


 What we aim to do: 


Vision Artes aims to create a new platform for these artists to thrive by creating online content, featured artists pages, and our eventual online comics and Illustrations magazine which will be readable via online and our upcoming Vision Artes App! To take this a step further, Vision Artes will also be hosting monthly Contests and Exhibitions, and Mini Artist Fairs offering our Artists a chance to sell their work, exhibit their work and give comics and Illustration the love they deserve! Vision Artes will also begin networking and artist meet ups to build our community!