Instagram's Slideshow feature is a cut above the rest

On February 22nd, 2017 Instagram rolled out it's hands-down best feature to date Albums. Albums is a brilliant feature which allows you to stop countlessly looking for the perfect collage app to post all your favorite or sequential artworks together. Instagram's Album's features allows users to upload 10 photos and videos into a single carousal themed slideshow. It's as simple as tapping your desired photo or video and and setting what number they will appear in slide show order.

This feature is one of the very best resources a modern day Visual artist, creative and musician can use to boost their social media following and get all attention on them! 529 Arts Avenue's Very own Emmanuel Knight has been playing with the album feature and has reported great success on his end.

Emmanuel: When I'm always on Instagram! more than any other social media site constantly posting, scrolling, and viewing amazing art. It's hard to not be inspired! it's like tumblr on steroids when it comes to awesome content!

Emmanuel: When I opened my app and saw the album feature I was like wait... no freaking way... It's Over!! I do a lot of fashion-esque style and comic Illustrations so I immediately though oh boy I can make comics literally page by page for people to read on Instagram now neat is that!? My mind was just swarming in all kinds of ways to like make cool content for my page and Arts Avenue! I posted an album up on my page of photos from our Loft studio space open studios giving a step by step look at our wall space and gallery I can say in about 10 minutes I got 50 likes and a ton of comments on the artwork and space! it works!

Overall, Instagram's Album feature has endless possibilities content wise we will be covering in a future blog. With their newest update Instagram continues to be at the forefront of social media entertainment and interesting content. we here at 529 Arts Avenue are confident that many artists out there can benefit from this awesome tool and resource!

529 Arts Avenue will continue to keep up with and bring you all the latest news on social media and tech apps to help create and boost your artist social media links and brand!

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