Facebook's Snapchat clone and how to use it as an artist advantage!

Facebook has released it's own version of Snap chat's stories feature much like Instagram had last year. Facebook's snap story attaches to it's mobile messenger app where you can view stories that similarly lasts 24 hours in both video and photo format. The fact that Facebook has copied the formula of Snapchat blatantly is a testament to how much snap chat has changed the game of social media, news feed and connecting people online.

As an Artist, you are also an entrepreneur. Therefore, you should always be looking for ways to show off your art, your brand and your vision! Facebook stories offers a new window into showcasing your art and social media links. Here's how facebook stories benefits you and how you can utilize it's stories feature to increase your following and

conversations about art.

Facebook stories Gives you everyday access to your friends via the messenger app. Like Snap/Insta-stores you can view other people's stories and record and post photos/video to your feed that will last 24 hours. This gives you valuable insight to your Facebook friend feed outside Snapchat and Instagram in terms of their likes, interests, activities. With a single click you can chat with your Facebook friend about their story they posted and it comes off a bit more natural since you're using Facebook messenger and you're a regular friend. this also works if you're looking to connect with someone on your friend list that you haven't spoken to in a while. You can view their feed and vice versa.

As an artist, You can use Faceboook stories to your advantage to Gage your Facebook audience much like Insta and Snap stories. Even if someone isn't chatting with you Via messenger they will see your activity in your story. This is where you can post projects your working on, Post some drawings/sculptures and other interesting artistic activities your working on. People love to see interesting things online, it's a huge reason why we surf through Snap stories looking at all kinds of entertaining and engaging information daily.

How to use Facebook stories:

Are you a make-up artist? How about posting some behind the scenes clips and photos of your process and you working on a client/ A film director or editor? It'd be awesome to see some teasers of your video or your post production. Wether you're an artist or musician you can be very creative with how you post on Facebook stories. from a video of a jam session or concert you've performed in or a series of Illustrations or you in action creating awesome art pieces Your Facebook stories will wow your community. As huge as Snapchat and Instagram is it they both lack the powerful personal search and friends engine that Facebook has.

All of this can be done simple by logging into your messenger app via your mobile phone (IPhone/Android/Windows) and going straight to the stories section straight above your messenger contacts. from there, simply click the add to your day section of messenger and share away from photo upload to recording!

by using these features you can add cool text to your work and video like a small about text the work your doing or even simply social media back links like

Follow at @529Artsavenue on Instagram and Snapchat!

the customizations are endless as is your creativity! and who knows people may reach out to you for commissions, jobs, and collaborations!

Facebook allows you to personally connect beyond usernames and snap Ids, and despite it's stories clone being a snap chat clone it's a clone well worth using to showcase your talents and connect with other talented people.

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