Highline open studios 529 Arts Avenue's second year!

We here at 529 Arts Avenue are proud to announce for a second time we will be partnering with the highline open studios as one of the Chelsea studios open for visitation by the public on March 4th and 5th 2017! This March, We will be showcasing the Loft studio space our exhibition space for local nyc artists, as well as previewing our calendar of events! We will also be showcasing our 529 arts avenue artworks by co- founders Emmanuel Knight and Gerard Thelemaque.

We are thrilled to open our space to the general public this weekend and share our projects and artworks! It means a lot to 529 Arts Avenue to be considered again by the highline studios as a resident of the Chelsea artist community.

Come join us over the weekend from 1pm to 6pm! And learn more about us!

Open studios:

March 4th 1pm - 6pm

Match 5th 1pm - 6pm

529 west 29th street #12B

New York NY, 10001

Tickets to our free event!



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