How to overcome Creative Block Part 2.

In the earlier weeks, We covered tackling artist block we interviewed 3 artists of different backgrounds on how they tackle artist block and what tips they can share this time were back with 4 more artists on how they deal with creative block and tips they can share.

To recap here are the questions we asked in the previous Blog:

1. what do you usually do when you first get artist block? are there signs? or is it spontaneous?

2. what are your remedies to curing artist block that works for you?

3. What would be your tip(s) to artists going through artist block currently?

Raytion: Illustrator, writer, comic artist Nyc: Wow, never really thought about it really, Usually I try to walk or skate to a destination with lots of plant life and take a second to breathe. I kinda just let the colors of the trees and flowers paint it's own story in my head. Best way I can describe it.

Mandy mei: Graphic designer, Illustrator, Photographer Nyc.

when I get an artist block, I usually start eating my favorite snacks, (green tea, pocky, chocolate, etc.) and looking at pintrest boards. These artists blocks are random usually.

My remedy for my artist blocks is to just look for inspiration everywhere because it is everywhere around you. Online, in your house, outside your house, the park the bathtub, or any random place.

My advice to the creatives out there who are going through the artist block: first take a dep breath and realize you are living and that is a blessing, now use that and some (visual) inspiration and create something beautiful!

Emmanuel Knight: - co founder- Illustrator, Comic Artist, Okay, so basically I know when they're coming, I get lazy, during drawing days and a bit sluggish, things that are usually very easy for me to draw begin to become a struggle and i start thinking wait... am I still struggling on basic? actually if you look at my Instagram you'll see some pieces and clearly see when i'm going through an artist block. I try to be real and raw with my work and always upload no matter what.

I play games, Jrpgs, Tales of series, star ocean, dark cloud, something with a engaging story that takes me out of the contemporary world and into a fantasy one where my mind can explore. Music is a big part as well, I'll sit back and just imagine stories in my head, stories of my characters or images start to pull together depending on what verbal language i'm listening too. depending on music and vibe I can pull a new idea or illustration whether it's a new album cover, or character design. ah! another weird thing I do is call up a friend and just share art thoughts and get inspired, usually kickstarted by their ideas I go man, that's awesome, let me like really sit down and do something cool too.

My tip for overcoming artist block would be not everything works for everyone. I'd say find your zen, whether it's music, going outside, but my main advice draw it out. get it out of your system every bad drawing or doodle you feel is terrible keep going and going till their all out and trust me they'll get out whether it's a couple of hours or a few days.

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