How to create an Artist Instagram Account

Instagram is if not becoming one of the most go to social platforms when it comes to share creativity on the internet. If you're looking to create an online portfolio, visual sketchbook, or looking to get some praise and feedback on your work and love to share Instagram is the perfect platform to get your artistic message acrosss! 529 Arts Avenue will walk you through step by step on how to create an artist instagram as well as create engagement and gain followers.

Step 1: Download the Instagram app. of course you know step one is making sure you have the app on your phone or device. simply jot over to google play/app store/windows store etc to download the Instagram app and install it. easy peasy.

Step 2: Create or log in to your account: We recommend if you're looking to have a more artistic experience to create a separate Instagram account from your regular one that way you can balance your everyday life of taking pictures of your pet or fun night out from your series of portraits or sculptures. It's a bit easier to manage a separate artist account as you will see that artist Instagram will follow it a bit more and have more access to your art posts.

Step 3. Start surfing and following! we recommend taking a moment to surf around Instagram to find all kinds of creative art. look for things that interest you, art, sculpture, graphic design, hand lettering, once you find a few insta-pics of works you can like and follow their links to their artist profiles. From there you can follow them once you've followed a few artist check back to your main feed page and you'll see stories! these are posts from artists that

Instagram allows them to upload for 24 hours whether it's video clips of them working in the studio, to photos of their artwork it's a great way to be inspired! as you follow more artists the more story channels you unlock!

Another great feature is Instagram live. You'll usually get a notification when an account is going live. Once you click it you'll be able to see the artist and what they are up to in real time and even be able to like and engage them with comments! (we also recommend following and liking all the artists that you like, and admire you'll get to see them in action as well through stories and them going live!)

step 4. Post Your art and tag them!

take a few pieces and start uploading your works. You always want to take a photo of your works in the best lighting you can provide. Make sure to tag your work once done so people can find and see it, use power tags such as the genre your art relates to as well as general art tags for example

the Serial Doodlist tags his work as Art, artist, artoninstagram, comic, ghostrider, illustration, instaart, ink instacomic, instalike, johnnyblaze, marvel, marvelcomics, Nyc, New York city, Nyc artist, Nawden,

The Serial Doodlist made sure to also tag his location such as Nyc and Nyc artist so people can know he's from new york city and be found in New York city tag searches.

(you can also tag artist sharing accounts that way you can up the chance to be featured on their page!)

when uploading your work, tell a little story about it, let people know about your work from a simple quote about that piece or simply it's name and title! you can be as creative or constructive as you'd like in this section

example: it takes more than a man to deal with men like him. Make a america repent- then add tags! there he conveys his message as well as the title of the piece giving readers something to think about while learning it's point.

step 5. like and engage. It doesn't end there from posting and tagging, make sure to take time out of your day whether it's 15- 30 minutes and talk to artists on Instagram. what we mean is if you see a piece of work you like, like it, then comment that you like it! go a step further, tell them why you like it, what makes you drawn to it. and encourage their good work! think of it this way it'd be great for you to get good feedback on your art and a nice comment so why not do the same? when artists and people like your works, make sure to reply and let them know you appreciate their love and support!

step 6. Add to stories and go live: have a cool project you're working on? just simply doodling away to some ambient chill music? why not add it to stories. by adding your work flow, process, or even art to Instagram stories you're engaging with your followers and people who are looking up art and they are seeing your cool works of art. take it a step further and go live! start creating or host a small discussion while you create, Even just create with music in the background and have a drawing/painting session! you'll be surprised by the engagement of people giving you likes and comments as you create and you can engage them back!

let people know when you're live or have posted to stories cross promote your Instagram on your social media such as when you post a pic, share it on twitter, Facebook, etc same for going live! announce to your Facebook community that you're going live and doing something cool with your art and to tune in! make sure to link your profile with instruction.

step 7: Do you best and have fun! the last part is fun and simple, have fun! upload what you feel is your best work or a work you'd like to improve on! there can be times where you feel there's a creative block when making new art especially for social media but never fret! we got a chance to interview a group of Nyc local artists on creative block and how they deal with it.

Read about ways to deal with creative block here!

Read our Opinion piece on why Instagram is one of the best platforms for artists around the world.

-link ways to deal with creative block -link why instagram is a great platform for artists-

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