Celebrating 1- Year of supporting creativity 529 Arts Avenue's 1- Year Anniversary

It's been a journey from the day we started to this current blog post. 529 Arts Avenue started as an excited idea between two New York city based artists, Emmanuel Knight and Gerard Thelemaque who recognized the lack of community engagement of the artist scene in Chelsea and and around New York and wanted to change that. they joined forces and created a platform to support and showcase the local artist. Originally starting off as just as way to highlight fun and engaging artistic content to spark conversation among artists and art lovers 529 Arts Avenue would quickly grow into something much more.

from February 17th- to August -check date- November 17th 2016, 529 Arts Avenue would go from writing blogs on local art exhibitions in the NYCarea and helpful art tips to covering local artist organizations and sharing news and updates on supporting articles for artists. In that span Arts Avenue has also hosted group artist exhibitions, for artists, poetry and open mic sessions, for writers, networking, connecting space for entrepreneurs and creatives and given back to NYC youths and education by hosting workshops and classes with NYC students teaching and giving resources to them to become future artists.

this past Feb 17th, we have celebrated 365 days of supporting the local artists and native creatives with our 1- year anniversary show. Our showcase featured returning and new talented local artists from New York to new jersey in a group exhibition. In addition to the exhibition space 529 Arts Avenue revealed it's new Lounge space where spoken word, and musical performances took place throughout the night

The open mic and music portion of the show was met with critical success and it blended a mix of different talent from profound lyrical poetry, outstanding comedy and musical performances There were an influx of great talent from wonderful poets, looking to enlighten the minds of many, to singers and rappers showcasing their sharp lyrics.

from the bottom of our hearts we thank you all for supporting 529 Arts Avenue from the artists, to the art lovers and regular website goers who engage our site as well as our content! this year has been a great learning experience for us as we continue to grow we will continue our mission

Check out the Gallery below of the Artist showcase!

Photos Courtesy of Aj Forrisi-


Join the Avenue! https://www.facebook.com/529artsavenue/ https://www.instagram.com/529artsavenue/ twitter.com/529artsavenue https://www.529artsavenue.com/ 529 Arts Avenue's mission is to support and showcase the local Nyc artist while creating, fun, thought-provoking and engaging content

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