A Night of Fun and Fashion and the Local Art scene at Esa's Do and Brew

Fun, energy, and the hippest fashion at Esa's do and Brew event that happened on 2/11/2017

Partnered with the NYC fair Trade Coalition, and sponsored by the Nineteenth amendment. Esa threw a Fantastic event to celebrate fashion week and DIY culture empowering fashionistas and lovers of style to create works of art from unwanted doom and landfill.

Esa's Do and brew over exceeded expectations with electric music. friendly and outgoing staff, great products and engaging activities. If you weren't interacting with your fellow attendees about art and fashion there was plenty to do at Do and Brew.

Upon entering Do & brew you're greeted by fantastic staff that immediately welcome you and give you the run down of all the happenings. In additon, you're given two free complimentary donated Garments to customize. We surfed through a sea of amazing clothes and picked our selves two free tees!

A Little about Esa:

Esa (evolving sustainable apparel) is a lady gang rooted in the mutual desire to learn about our place in the fashion industry as well as the natural world, ultimately, synthesizing these two seemingly unrelated realms. The whole narrative of fashion and nature being two singularly opposed ideals is a tired -- and lazy -- story to tell, and we won’t buy it anymore. Literally.

esa’s mission is to evolve the fashion industry by both building sustainable design solutions and educating a new wave of conscious consumers.

At one table: There were artists creating custom jackets and tops with acrylic paints for guests! from orginal designs to popular pop culture characters and references. At another table were custom embroidery where staff help you patch and embroider your own garments. in the back of the space was a painting station where you can get your art on and paint your garments yourself. These tables were but a few of amazing and interesting activities to do!

In addition to Esa's amazing activities The Nyc fair trade coalition was present. The NYC Fair Trade Coalition is an all volunteer grassroots organization that promotes fair trade businesses and retailers educating consumers on the importance of fair trade practices. The NYCFTC offers it's members advertising support, social media reach, sales, and networking among ethical fair trade business

After the festivities, Esa and the NYCFTC hosted their after party which featured beer pong, non stop dancing and overall positive energy. That kept going on all night long, An event that started at 2pm ending at 10pm. To be able to hold a crowds attention from early after-noon all the way to late night is an amazing feat. And Esa' is no

stranger to delivering great showcases.

All puns intended, Esa's DO & Brew was a highly sustainable event which featured and showcased the best in sustainable fashion, entertainment, and quality creative art. Mark our words Nyc Creatives This pack of lady wolves are a pack you want to be involved with.

Join ESA's Mission!

Website http://www.esa-nyc.com/ Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/evolvingsustainableapparel/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/esa.nyc/ Learn more about the NYC Fair Trade Coalition!


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