We Interviewed Artist on how they tackle Creative Block.

It's something that every artist, writer, musician, and other kind of creative person goes through many times throughout their artistic career, school, or just for fun. It's like a drought in season, or a sudden roadblock on a highway. Ladies and gentlemen were talking about creative block.

It can strike like a predator on the prowl for it's prey at the least expected moment, creative block is a genuine stressful occurrence every artist goes through in life. More of a recurring problem creative block is a occurrence primarily associated. with any visual art hobby or profession, in which. an artist loses the ability to produce any new. work.

Creative block can happen at anytime especially if you're in the middle of a creative streak, deadlines, and or even created to the point where you've felt you've burned yourself out of your spark. Creative block can be a bit scary to go through in these times and sometimes it feels there's no remedy through it but waiting it out.

529 Arts Avenue managed to interview a series of creatives about their experiences on creative block as well as some tips and trick to overcome it from their opinion.

we decided to ask artists of different backgrounds about artist block, and how they combat it.

Meet the Artists:

Yasmina Bishara: A New York city based artist whose working on her artist career.

Anthony Forrisi a Brooklyn based writer who recently published his first novel.

Trout Spent: a New York city based creative designer advocating art through symbolism, text and nature.

Arts Avenue: what do you usually do when you first get artist block? are there signs? or is it spontaneous?

Yasmina: Usually, a sign of artist block happens when I'm severely depressed. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder at 22 but had it since a young age, so during those periods I just feel like doing nothing. It's sometimes but not always followed by periods of extreme anxiety

Anthony: There are definitely signs when I get writer's block, which I'm actually sort of suffering through right now haha! sometimes. I'll be mid page and just have no idea what the character's want to say or do. Like in one scene I had no idea how to do an interrogation. So I stopped the story completely and worked on something else

Trout: it's random for me. It just comes, one day I'm working on something or have some ideas in my head the next I'm all blanked out and I can't think of a damn thing.

Arts Avenue: what are your remedies to curing artist block that works for you?

Yasmina: Usually to get out of it I write all of my thoughts out as well. Even if its the same type of subject matter over and over again I try to draw it, just to get something out.

Anthony:When I start getting writer's block, I try removing myself from my work. Especially in the middle of a piece. I'll stop writing and do something else that isn't creative to clear my mind. Sometimes jogging or biking or even watching a movie sparks some kind of inspiration. Or I'll return to the main source of inspiration for the

piece I work on.

Trout: I just push through it honestly, I'll get my tablet ready or my phone open up a blank canvas and just scribble, practice my lines, basics, shapes, I'll practice my layers and even on rare occasion draw by hand. and get some sketches out. I'll also teach myself a new skill or trick, I'lll go to course horse apply for a class or go on youtube and just watch hours worth of videos on photoshop and design to get my juices flowing.

Arts Avenue: What would be your tip(s) to artists going through artist block currently?

Yasmina: My tip would be is don't be discouraged if you try to draw and the piece doesn't come out as well as it would off the block. Not every sketch is meant to become a masterpiece. Get the idea out. You can always improve upon it on a later date. At the same time, if you really can't draw anything at the moment, take a break for a day or two and try to do something else before trying again. Play video games, go on a walk to the park, head to a concert, something. Don't forget to have a life outside of your art

Anthony:For starters don't freak out. As terrifying as writer's block or artists block is; the flow always comes back. Personally, I think creative blocks occur when we write or create so fast that our mind's and soul's haven't caught up with our creativity. Just take things slow and focus your mind on something else for a little and you'll feel the creativity come back.

Maybe it's also because that end goal has been lost along the way. Either reason, try taking a step back and going back through the work for something you might have missed or can fix. The creativity will come back, it just needs some time to reach the surface again. Freaking out is definitely the worst thing to do. It makes the block worse because that's all you can focus on

Trout: You just gotta draw it out man, it can be rough but if you just get it out of your system trust me it get easier. It's like turning on a machine and letting it get warmed up before you use it. you just have to draw/create for the sake of doing it that day and once you let it all out. you'll be able to work with something and feel the juices come back to you. Another things I want to bring up is sometimes you're not going to get your block broken in a day.

Another tip is watch a video, or learn a new skill or trick that deals with your craft. you can't be blocked if you're learning something new like a shading technique or a new way to play a song. your mind will focus on learning that new attribute and bam! when you're ready to get back to what you're doing you're more comfortable and you can apply something new that you've learned.

Different perspectives, but all great answers! hopefully these insights can help you out during your next creative roadblock! have any tricks and remedies of your own? please let us know in the comments section!

You can take a look at these at artist's profiles and works here!

Yasmina Bishara:



Anthony Forrisi



Trout Spent:




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