Why we believe Instagram Live Video is a great platform for artists

On November 21st, 2016 Instagram boldly launched their two newest updates for their mobile app: The live feature and disappearing photos and videos for groups and friends in Instagram Direct. Since August 2016 Instagram has been red hot with stories: a daily feature which allows users to showcase their day to day activities from all kinds of social outings like live streamed concerts, and social nights out to creative art videos which brings us to the topic at hand. Instagram and it's relationship to creative artists, as well as it's Live platform that artists are using to their advantage.

Similar to Snapchat, Instagram Live video allows you to stream a live video broadcast for 24 hours before it disappears. once live the stream will appear in the stories section of your Instagram app. If you're subscribed to someone's notifications you will get an alert when they are streaming live and you can follow it straight to the stream.

What makes Instagram the app very appealing as well as it's live and stories feature is it's connection to Artists. there are literally over thousands of artists and art lovers on Instagram that use the platform as a digital sketchbook, portfolio and showcase application for their work. Naturally artists follow other artists as well as art lovers and create a large following and community. Through instagram stories and live video you can track, keep in touch or even catch a fun sneak peak art artist's projects all around the world and constantly be inspired. It's as simple as clicking their story seeing them work on a sculpture, or blast their favorite playlist while painting away on a large scale canvas. From there you can simply click their profile if curious and see their body of work and instantly become a fan, message and connect.

Instagram is becoming a mecca for creatives to share and post their work. On top of that it's like surfing through an online channel for artists, you can never be bored of what you'll find and always get a spark of inspiration. On our arts Avenue Instagram we follow tons of artist and enjoy their live videos!

who are you following on instagram? Are you streaming art yourself? let us know!

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