You Are me. A stunning group exhibition show in Long island city

Great energy, a lively atmosphere, live music, and fantastic art. These are some of a few key components to a successful gallery show opening. Peyton Place's You are me opening exhibition was just that and more as visual artists, photographers and native creatives came out to long island city to show love, support, and have a great time.

Upon arriving to the you are me exhibit you're greeted by glass windows enabling you to see the festivities from outside creating a wanting feeling to go in and connect instantly. Through the doors you instantly discover a wall of text with empowering words about art.

"Beware of artists, they mix with all classes of society and therefore are the most dangerous."

From there, it's good music, lively people, and great art. What make's Peyton's You are me exhibition so fun was it's ability to connect strangers in thought-provoking and engaging conversation. Throughout the night you could hear conversations sparking from all the different art pieces from, personal connection to the pieces to points of view.

One piece in particular spawned conversation was large canvas with written text of lyrics of multiple songs from the band nine inch nails. An art piece constantly revisited throughout the night with different perspectives. A long time friend of the artist made a comment about seeing new layers of said artist's personality, to onlookers finding power in his usage of colors and and large spacing.

Another great piece of the night was a collection of black and white photography highlighted with specific blue moments which create a tranquil aura to it's work. The Artist Souhair Kenas. Souhair talked about her current obsession with the color blue and how she was tracing it's effects through history. accompanying her photographs was the hand crafted sculpture of a jellyfish-like cloud created from an umbrella, fabric, water bottles, and string lights.

We had a chance to catch a word with Peyton Place Nyc Photgrapher and curator of this exhibition.

Arts Avenue: In your words what inspired this exhibition? what were some of the factors in bringing this showcase to life? I

Peyton: I originally took a 4 month course, and after, I wanted to create and be access to connect these artists, All the artists here don't know each other, They know know me. Through me. Having these artists bring their following bring their own following and connect and talk with each other is wonderful man.

an amazing night full of thought-provoking conversation we are looking forward to seeing more showcases and works from Peyton as he is a natural creative chef creating food for thought with artful ingredients.

Follow Peyton's work here:

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