New Featured Artist: Symbolism, Nature, culture and icons

There's a famous saying that goes Art is what you make of it. And Nyc Artist Trout spent makes his art through icons, symbols, nature and backgrounds. Only a a few months into his Art career Trout considers himself a and advocate of expression.

529 Arts Avenue welcomes Trout Spent to the Avenue as our first featured Artist. We had a chance to have an email interview with Trout to talk about his art and why he chose to become a creative advocate as well as choose 529 Arts Avenue as his platform to showcase his art.

Arts Avenue: Thank you for taking the time to email with us! and more importantly thank you for choosing to be apart of the 529 Arts Avenue featured artist page.

Trout Spent: no sweat. I wanted to join The featured artist page. I also can't say no to a free interview. if this will get me where I need to be and open up myself to a bigger audience I'm all for it.

AA: We tried to do some research on you to find out about your work and projects. we didn't find much from you other than your Facebook page and Instagram. Are you new to the art scene?

TP: It's a bit of rebirth. what you see on the internet is literally what I've put out over the past couple of months. It's a bit of a re-branding. I've moved away from traditional art and decided to do something a bit more interactive and interesting for me.

AA: sounds interesting. When you say re-branding do you mean you've done or have had past artworks out there? You mentioned moving away from traditional. is the new work now a product of this new alley of art for yourself?

TP: Basically yes. I did a lot of fine art in college and it never really did it for me... I took a photoshop class on typography and instantly fell in love with that last year. I've always been a tranquil kind of person, like there's not much that pisses me off when it comes to certain things. I have a big interest in people, nature, and how things work in the world. Like how people connect and how little things in life connect people to nature.

I wanted to create an art form that enabled me to express these interests and thoughts. So i started playing around with symbols icons, and nature. whether it's a cityscape, a Forrest, or a bedroom I'm always looking for some way to convey a message and string meaning.

AA: Was it hard to transition from doing traditional fine art to symbolism and iconography? do you still incorporate anything traditional into your current work of art?

TP: recently I do not. It;s all digital. I know myself I have the ability to demonstrate my artistic skill at anytime with a piece but that's not the point not for this body of work that I'm doing. The work that i'm building has no need for traditional or fine art at this time. I don't really sit and think. "oh i'll add this and do a little bit of sketching to make it happen" A lot of this work is purely out of the moment in my feelings. I've always been the kind of artist to plan out things and meticulously jot away at details and obsess until it's done.

It used to drive me mad. It wasn't until I consciously moved away from being an "artist" and found myself to be a creative advocate that I started to have fun again.

AA: what's a creative advocate? could you elaborate more on it? What's been the biggest difference in working through emotion versus working strategically for you?

TP: The biggest difference is I'm able to express myself deeper, I'm more free and I'm able to communicate much better with myself with my art than I've ever been. I only have about 12 pieces right now on Instagram but I'm uploading little by little so I can continue to work on my pieces.

Honestly, I'm happier with these 12 pieces now than I've ever been with any works I've done prior. and to answer your first question, Trout Spent is my new identity a creative advocate who can translate natures and symbols to conversation.

AA: that's all amazing Trout, It's interesting that you bring up that Trout Spent is an identity a form of agent of art. It reminds us of Bansky space invader, and Consumer Art. is there a bit of an influence from these artists?

TP: Yes definitely, I'm a big fan of Mr. Brainwash the most. I think i can appreciate someone who can be talented in one field get the courage and praise and jump to another and find great success. Even if he was a Shitty film maker before his artist success. I figured if he can re-image himself. Then why couldn't I. I already made art. Why not switch it up and see what happens. and Here I am. I appreciate Bansky's ability to stay an mystery despite his acclaim to fame as well. It's something I'd always been curious about. So I tried it out. and so far I have no complaints. It's fun because I can be something more, someone that is solely his art. One in the same.

AA: Awesome! and Lastly how did you hear about Arts Avenue? and what made you want to join our featured artist page?

TP: I've seen your blogs and video content online and I thought it was cool what you were doing for the artist scene. I'm not one to really socialize so I try to keep my work online. I was interested in this community that I see you're building and wanted to offer a barter of some sorts. I'd feature with you guys and be apart of the artist community, meet see other artists, and connect with other artists and in return I'd have my work showcased, and featured on a site that promotes and believes in artists. it sounded perfect to me so I signed up and reached out. and here we are.

AA: Here we are indeed. Were Happy to have you and honored you believe in us. It's also very cool to have an annoymous Creative Adovcate as our first featured artist

TP: it does sound cool haha. I'm Happy to do my part and contribute. I'm just happy to get my art out there. and hopefully people learned a just enough about me to peak their interest.

You can Check out Trout Spent's work on symbolism, nature and icons right here in the 529 Arts Avenue Featured artist page along with his bio and shows he will be participating in

Featured Artist Page:

You can also Check Spent's works out on his facebook page and Instagram!

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