East side vs. West side: 212 Arts's opening reception of Subway vs. Freeway

Last night Jan.12.2017 212 Arts located at 240 east 4th Street in New York city Hosted it's opening reception titled: Subway vs. Freeway curated by Lizy Dastin and Threshold featuring the paired artworks of exhibiting Los Angeles and New York city based street artists:

Los Angeles Artists Thrashbird, PlastiJesus, WRDSMTH, Padhia Avocado, Colette Miller, Paige Smith, a.k.a., a common name, RISK and T.B.D. going toe to toe with New York city's own WhIsBe, Hanksy, Thomas Allen, Bisco Smith, Al Diaz, Phoebe NYC, SEEN, and Adam Lucas.

At first Glance, you would think it's a all out Art battle for bragging rights of NY and LA's finest Street artists, However, upon looking closer 212 Art's Subway vs. Freeway offers a unique perspective on pairing and individuality among these artists and the narrative they convey. Instead of two pieces in their corner ready to duke it out, subway vs. free way offers an unique look at the concept of opposing visual couples.

"In Subway & Freeway, we’ve paired individual works by eight significant Los Angeles-based artists with eight significant New York-based artists. Each piece is curated to highlight a different theme—such as: subversion, portraiture, language and iconography— integral to street art across the country. Our theory is that through the use of opposing visual couples, viewers will gain insights into each singular artwork that would not have been possible if viewed alone. By interacting with these works as pairs, we hope that their power, resounding resonance and insights into street art, will be magnified". - Lizy Dastin

Subway vs. Freeway is a Free exhibition hosted by 212 Arts running from 1.12.17 through 1.30.17 for more information check out and follow 212 Arts on social media!

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