Ouchi Gallery Hosts Their 5th and Final Comic book Showcase

2017 Marked the start of the new year and the last of a series of exhibitions that have become a yearly tradition at the Ouchi gallery exhibition space located at 170 Tillary St in Brooklyn.

The Annual comic show, created and curated by Comic book artist and Illustrator Gerardo R. Casas has been an annual tradition for New York city based comic book artists, and Illustrators since 2013. These comic book showcases features all things comics, and pop-culture from fan art, prints, paintings, sculptures, and original comics.

The 5th and Final comic show was met with great success with a full room of spectators, performers and artists alike. The showcase featured veteran artists from prior shows as well as new showcasing artists accompanied by a jam artist drawing wall for the guests to get their art on to full musical performances ranging from folk to Jazz.

Not only does the comic showcase provide a platform for the individual artist, but also opportunities to sell their works such as prints, comics, figurines and more. An amazing networking environment to connect New York city artists together as well as fans of the medium.

We had chance to talk to both the curator of the comic show Gerardo R. Casas, and a regular participating artist, Rashawn love about the evolution of the show, and the impact the show has been on their lives.

Arts Avenue: what was the first comic show you've attended and how did you hear about it?

Rashawn Love: The first Comic Show I attended was Critical Glitch. I heard of the the event through a friend that was also interested in joining.

AA: how would you say the feeling is being in the last comic show compared to the first one you've ever done?

RL: I would say being in my first show was nerve wrecking, It felt like entering a new part of life. However, with the final show it feels like the of a an era but the beginning of a new journey.

AA: What's been one memorable moment from this show that you can say will stick with you?

RL: One memorable thing that stuck with me was the expression that people had seeing my work and the joy and happiness they got from all the artists and fans sharing our love for comics.

Arts Avenue: what inspired the original comic book show?

Gerardo Casas: Good question, mind you, I never thought I would be a curator to begin with, But I guess what inspired me to do the first one was my friends. A lot of them are amazing artists we all studied together at The school of Visual arts and I wanted them to get noticed, hence the title new voices in comic art.

AA: Did you ever imagine this becoming such a huge success the way it did spawning 5 showcases?

GC: NOT AT ALL! At first it was friends and I, now it is my friends, new artists and myself. It gets bigger and bigger every year.

AA: What's next for you now? is this a closed chapter on the comic show? can we expect to see new projects in the future?

GC: As of now, I will work on my own projects, like a new story with my characters. As for the comic show, I would LOVE to continue somewhere else, we just got to find where.

It looks like Gerardo plans to continue the comic show if the right place and time arrives. until then, we can look back to the wealth of artists he has ushered into the art scene and comic book world over the past 5 years with a successful platform which connected artists, to audience and creativity to life.

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Gerardo R. Casas website:


Rashawn Love: website:


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