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Celebrating our One Year Anniversary!

January 11, 2017

529 Arts Avenue started as a creative think session between co-founders Emmanuel Knight and Gerard Thelemaque as an Idea idea to promote, showcase, and connect New York city artists to art lovers and fellow native creatives alike! One month later after that conversation 529 Arts Avenue was launched as a platform to not only promote artists, but to  use art as avenues create fun, engaging, and thought-provoking content. 

 fast forward 1 year 29th 4 events under belts ranging from: exhibition shows, open studios and workshops. we are approaching our 1 year anniversary on February 17th 2017! We've had a great journey filled with lessons, experiences, and many, many challenges. We are proud to continue move forward into the new year all the wiser and stronger! 



Our Celebration!

we here at 529 Arts Avenue is proud to present our one year anniversary Art and Open mic exhibition show! celebrating in style featuring returning and new local New York city artists featuring an open mic session with New York's most talented creative poets and storytellers! our showcase will take place on our anniversary date Feb. 17. 2017! In our newly renovated Loft studio space featuring a downstairs lounge where creatives will be selling their artworks and merchandise! 


There will be free food/drinks and raffle prizes! 


Come celebrate the new year and our anniversary! 


for more information please check the events page below!

Events Page


If you are an artist and want to participate please fill out the artist application form in the link below!

Artist Application:


If you are a poet or performer and would like to showcase at our event 

please email us at 529artsavenue@gmail.com