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529 is Launching it's Featured Artist program page. A free page on our website that features local New York city based Artists giving them a promotion page to showcase their works of art and events they are partaking in.

How it works:

an Artist submits their online application through our website page. After submission 529 Arts avenue reviews the submission and then reaches out to the artist about the perks and procedures for the page. After an agreement is reached the artist begins to send 529 Arts Avenue the information and art they'd like displayed on their page.

Artist Bio/Statement:

The Artist page starts with a picture of the Artist or their thumbnail of their art as their display picture. Below is their artist statement or bio about them and their work.


After the statement the Artist's work is on display which can be a portfolio/body of their work or a series/collection of their most recent or proud works. we do urge that each featured artist puts their best works out there for the world to see) Arts Avenue will upload these works into a gallery for viewers to check out that will complete with images and descriptions (optional) about the pieces of work.


followed by the portfolio is the events section where Arts Avenue will constantly update whenever the featured artist has a show. the events section will have the names, dates and small description of the event with a link to the event page for viewers to check out and choose to attend to keep up to date on the featured artist.

Social Media and cv/Resume:

Last is the social media handles and artist resume/cvs. the artist page will be linked with all of their social media handes such as instagram, facebook, twitter, pintrist, wordpress, website, and or store as well as their artist resume and CV for more informaton, as well as following and growing their fan base.

Were excited to be launching this new feature and to help artist hustle easier and showcase as much as possible when it comes to the creative art world. think of us as your own personal PR campaign that works for you for free.

for more Information and to apply to be a 529 Arts Avenue featured artist click this link below!

Featured Artist page:

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