A Glimpse into Her World. Julie Ortiz's NYC Solo Art SHow

Julie Ortiz is a NYC local Artist I met at an all Female Group Art show called Planet X Hosted by The NYC Grind. Julie, From the start displayed a great amount of friendly and tranquil energy we got along just fine talking about art briefly and I invited her to 529 Arts Avenue's first debut show.

Fast forward to October 22nd 2016 Julie has Just had her 2016 Art show titled "A glimpse into my world" featuring paintings of her visual work. Julie's work is a stunning combination of painting, and mixed media creating very visually pleasing and enchanting images that resonates with those viewing.

Julie Ortiz is a self taught Photoshop Illustrator and painter. Born and raised in the Bronx, Julie attended Lehman College a BA in theater and dance. Julie would begin painting in 2005, having her artwork displayed in an art show titled "Fantasies" in Lehman college curated by Lizzy Alejandro. in 2012 Ortiz held her first solo show called "Spiritual Journey" which showcased at Covo Trattoria Located on West 135th street New York, New York. The Gallery showcased photo-shopped works of art that portrayed Julie's transition into a more enlightened individual.

Julie would begin painting in Janurary of 2015 and has since participated in several galleries and group shows such as: Pancakes and Booze 2015, Love it or hate it series, and Planet X. Inspired by dreams and Symbolism Julie's art takes on a life of their own in presentation in her most recent art show.

"The name of my art show is called "A glimpse into my world" Each piece represents a part of me or my life. i wanted to share my world with visuals and textures. Sometimes its hard for me to convey my life through words. its something i keep private and feel its very intimate, so through my art i'm able to share that without judgement. Being creative is very freeing and i'm happy to share my world with people through this form."

- Julie Ortiz

You can Check out more of Julie's Artwork below at her following website and links, y Make sure to follow for more amazing pieces by Julie!

Below is an interview with Julie by Bronx-net News







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