Art, Fashion, and Social Justice. Fashion Finding Cause with The Set Nyc

On September 30th 2016, Friday evening the Set NYC Opened it's doors and hosted their annual fashion art show featuring curated music and showcasing the talent from amazing visual artists and fashion designers combined with an eccentric guest list comprising of NYC locals, art enthusiasts, fashionistas and more. Their showcase electrified through the night.

However, what makes this Artistic function so different and electric is it's cause. The Set NYC is an NYC Organization that brings together artists and people for showcasing, networking, and helping make New York city better. The Set NYC also stands for social justice hosting their events around missions and calls to actions to end homeless and and prevent and spread awareness about Child Trafficking.

From 6:30 to it's finish time 8:30 The Set NYC exhibit was a mix of fun and play throughout the entire night, from grand raffle prizes such as winning a dinner for 2 at a restaurant, to winning a collection of exclusive art pieces from an exhibiting artist.

The Runway show was a spectacle captivating the guests as models confidently brought to life their designer's pieces showing it off to the media and press alike! It is very awe inspiring to see these creative individuals as well as the New York city community come together and celebrate, as well as advocate for the social injustices in the world. It's through these events and moments that gain attraction and unite people that we can bring forth awareness and move forward in these challenging times.

Thankfully, The Set NYC is here to contribute, and with great style and creative direction.

To learn More about the Set NYC, their mission, and attend their next events Follow the links Below!

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