Arts Avenue's top 5 NYC public places to get your art on.

Some times working at home can get a bit stressful and your not always able to create when your cooped up at home so why not get some fresh air right? We set out to find the best spots in Nyc to sketch, paint, draw, take photos and really get your creative juices going while taking a moment to set back and enjoy the breeze.

Central Park

Starting our list is one of the most well known parks in Nyc and most likely the world. Central park covers more then 30 blocks of Manhattan with loads of beautiful, spacious and interesting areas where you can just sit down and draw to your hearts desire.

River Side path

Weather your near Battery park or near Washington heights and everywhere in between, the riverside path leads you through a gorgeous trail with great views of the river, NJ and so many great land marks you wont have any trouble getting into your artistic zone.

Washington Square park

Surrounded by NYU, Parsons, Cooper union, and Pratt Washington square park will offer you not only a great place to do your arts but also offers great networking and collaboration opportunities as well. With a ton of free live pubic art events, shows and daily performances you are bond to meet diverse new people and open up yourself to amazing projects down the line.

Dumbo park

We would not dare leave out Brooklyn on our list and what better place to start then at the heart of Dumbo. With the Brooklyn ice cream factory, brooklyn bridge park, awesome cobble stones, a couple of studios, the new Etsy H.Q and of course the stunning view of Nyc from under the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge. With a strong artistic aura surrounding the area Dumbo park is a fantastic place to get creative.

The Promenade

Last but not least on our list is the Brooklyn Promenade. Surrounded by amazing old brownstone homes and a truly breath taking view, this spot is a gem for inspiration and creation. One of the very best areas in this park is right when your enter from the far end you get a full view of the city and that view just takes you to another place and helps clear the mind, which for many is essential for getting to work. The Brooklyn promenade is a gorgeous place

and we encourage you to check it out, not just for doing art but because its a really cool place to go.

Well that about sums it up, short and sweet but we hope you check these places out. Now go out and do some art!

If you know any other places to do some art please let us know in the comment section below.

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