Rembrandt's first Masterpiece Exhibition

If you have a free day today and are a lover of European art, and narrative or if you're just looking for an interesting exhibition to go to, Attend The Morgan Library and Museum's Rembrandt's first masterpiece exhibition.

Painted and completed at the age of 23, Judas Returning the Thirty Pieces of Silver represents Rembrandt's first mature work, his first masterpiece. This painting demonstrates one of the moments in the bible where Judas Iscariot returns silver that the high priests paid him in trade of betraying friend Jesus Christ. What makes this portrait a marvel to view is the very popular elements that Rembrandt would later be widely defined for. Dramatic lighting, the harmony of composition, and the conveyance of cinematic storytelling. Rembrandt turns a biblical passage into a theatrical visual performance. In addition to this masterpiece's Pedigree, For the first time, the painting will be shown here in the United States. (Right here in the Big Apple!) Originally held in a British private collection, New Yorkers will have a chance to view this masterful piece today!

The Exhibition will also house a number of self-portraits that show a young Rembrandt at the time he painted the panel and some of his etchings sketches that show off the evolution of the artist's narrative style. The Morgan Museum urges you to see this show as do we here from Arts Avenue! It's not every day you get to view a one of a kind rare painting presented to the united states especially when New York city get's first dibs.

Exhibition tours run Tuesdays through Sundays until September 18th 2016

for More Information!

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