Our top ten art application picks for Apple IPad

With the birth of the IPad on April 3rd, 2010, the IPad has always had the hidden potential to be an excellent tool for the creative junky. With a large growing community of digital artists, Developers have jumped onto the creative functions of the IPad and have created some pretty amazing applications that utilize it's capabilities. We here at Arts Avenue have a ton of different apps we use for our works much like with Android. You can check our top ten Android list here:

Here our our top ten best Ipad apps we've chosen:

Honorable Mention:

Astropad: (19.99)

Before we start our list we cannot proceed without mentioning that the Astropad app as the absolute go to app to be used to turn your iPad into the greatest tool for digital artists. Astropad is an amazing app that turns your iPad into a professional art tablet. Utilizing the new Apple Pencil with pressure sensitivity this app works amazingly. Photoshop and other desktop art applications work seamlessly with Astropad, The app even provides shortcuts to for quick access for needed tools. Astropad is an unbelievably crafty app that turns you iPad Pro into a pro artist tablet,I use it religiously for digital art and for 20 dollars it is the absolute best investment.

10. Drawing Desk (Free)

Drawing Desk makes it to our top ten list do to its unique approach to drawing, doodling or even editing pictures. Drawing desk comes in four types of creative modes: Kids desk, sketch desk, photo desk and the doodle desk. Each desk comes equipped with different tools to accommodate the user experience. For instance, kids desk provides a fun drawing experience with stickers, stamps, brushes and a variety of stencils and filling options to really help and nourish a child's creative muscles. Sketch desk is equipped with pen, pencil water color highlighter, smudge tool and a whole plethora to help get your ideas quickly on to virtual paper for later refinement. Photo desk is designed for the camera junkies with different editing tools and filters to bring out the absolute best of your photos. Last but not least comes the the doodle desk designed for the loose creative with a ton of different stickers and specific brushes designed for the doodler and will certainly amaze you. All in all drawing desk is a great app and is definitely something to check out.

9. Art Rage: ($4.99)

As a standalone program, Art Rage for the iPad is fun to use. What sets this app aside from the others is it stems from a category known as "natural media emulation" which essentially means it takes your digital screen and turns it into a real-world painting canvas. This software features a whole arsenal of brushes such as watercolor,oil paints, charcoal, ink, etc. It bleeds, blends, smudges and even mimics the natural responses to textured canvases ( don't worry you won't have to prime this digital canvas though.) Painting on this app will feel as natural as it can get with colors blending and mixing just as it should just as long as you keep it all on the same layer. For $4.99 this app is perfect for any artist who loves to paint but is looking to try something new but with a very familiar feel.

8. Autodesk Graphic ($8.99)

As a separate entity Autodesk Graphic is an app that is tailored for the serious graphic designer and illustrator. Graphic is an vector drawing app that creates fast snap speed lines and offers pro desk top class tools that help you create finished illustrations and works where ever you may happen to be. My favorite tools to use in Graphic are the line tools. After drawing a line you can then refine and tweak it to your desire with its intuitive graph editor. Instead of a large set of brushes it goes by each line to create precise line work. If your looking for a complete Adobe illustrator replacement this app won't completely give that to you, but it will give you a very close experience and offer you a great on the go alternative.

7 Art Studio ($4.99 Iphone version available)

ArtStudio for the iPad is an indispensable app for a wide range of artistic practice. It's accessibility, comprehensiveness and wide-open capabilities spark inspiration to create images. This app is geared towards sketching, painting and photo editing but is flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways. Featuring sixteen tools 150 brushes, Palm rejection, Favorited brush settings, customizable canvas options and multiple stylus support. My favorite part about using ArtStudio are both the text and sketch tools. I find my self always creating cool designs or making some of my of my earlier works come to life in a brand new way by adding cool texts and added line work. ArtStudio is a solid app and is a great tool for beginner or advanced digital artist.

6. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (Free, Iphone Verison available)

One of the best drawing app on the IOS and android market Skecthbook pro offers many advance features and definitely earns a spot in our top ten list. Skecthbook Pro has a very strong brush engine in the App Store with 60 different brushes ranging from pencil, soft, round and stippling into square, air brush and splatter; you can even opt for symbols such as trees and flowers. Skecthbook Pro's interface has a slight learning curve to it but before too long you will be able to navigate to your favorite tools with ease. One of the best feature that I use from this app is the ability to take an image and turn it into a scan for illustrative refinement, perfect for the comic/toon styled artist. With a powerful brush engine and multiple layer options there is no question as to why Skecthbook Pro makes a second appearance in our top ten list.

5. Medibang Paint (free)

Another app that makes a another appearance on our top ten list is Medibang Paint for iPad.

What sets this app aside from many others is that it is geared towards the comic or cartoon styled artist. Medibang Paint has a large set of brushes that work directly for comic line work and refinement and the ink flows just as if you where inking right onto paper. What I really love about using this app is the full arsenal of tools needed to create full fledged comic panels. From a large selection of screen tones, scanning to get out the line work and there are even options to scale and play around with panel boxes to really get that comic book effect. With an eye towards the comic and toon artist Medibang Paint is a great app that can be used as a stand alone when it come to getting your visual stories ready go.

4. Concepts (Free with in app purchases)

Coming in at number 4 is perhaps the only serious iPad app aimed squarely at digital drawing as opposed to digital painting. Concepts takes drawing and sketching to unique and interesting heights, the bushes are true to the drawing nature of the app with no water color or painting tools at all. In addition instead of the color wheel concepts uses the complete Copic marker spectrum which I just love the animation they use to show the color variety(so cool!), and when you pick a color it takes you through subcategories of that color. Another great feature of this app is the the "infinite canvas" which takes away the border margins and creates and never ending zoom in and zoom out effect perfect for concept art, get it :). One last note worthy feature is the layer system they use. Each layer comprised of the tools you use and the strokes you make with that tool. For example, if you you draw an image with the pencil tool and you move on to to the line work with ink you will notice in the layer section it will take all of your pencil strokes, add the number of lines you made using that tool into a group of layers for just that tool and separate it from the next tool you use. Kinda weird at first but after some time it becomes very easy and effective to use. Concepts is a truly interesting and professional app for drawing.

3. Tayasui Sketches (Free - $4.99 pro)

"Because beautiful tools make beautiful drawings" Sketches is a magically responsive canvas perfect for getting down ideas, illustrations, watercolor, anything your creative mind can imagine. With a simplistic design, easy to access tools, and awesome gesture short cuts and once you start drawing everything simply gets out of the way for distraction free drawing. For free Sketches is great but the 5 dollar upgrade is completely worth it.

2. Sketch Club ($2.99)

Sketch Club is a fantastic drawing and painting app that makes creating beautiful sophisticated art significantly easier. On the surface, Sketch Club might fool you into thinking there's not much to it. But try it out and you'll find a robust system that you can use to create complex pieces of art without needing to know how to wield photoshop like a pro. What sets Sketch Club aside from others is it's large community of artist and how it makes art even more fun through challenges and activities. It's quick, responsive and tons of fun.

1. Procreate: ($5.99)

At number 1 comes by far the most powerful, advanced and most beautifully crafted art app for the iPad. Procreate uses a unique engine that creates desktop grade art work with absolutely no lag whatsoever. The brushes system on Procreate is the largest on any mobile platform offering every tool need to create completely finished artworks, we have used procreate as the go to app for a majority of our art shows and with good reason it provides pro level tools at the Palm of your hand.

And that's our list, what iPad apps do you think we should try?

Let's know in comments section below!

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