Arts Avenue's 35 Top Art Student Owl Memes

If you Haven't heard of art student owl, then you probably should look it up. It's well worth the relatable laughter.

Art Student Owl is a popular macro image animal advice meme created in 2011, By then School of Visual Arts student and Tumblr user Kendra. since then dozens of memes have been created sharing halarioulsy relatable statements, thoughts

We here at Arts Avenue have Chosen Our top 35 Art student Owl memes to share. How many can you relate to?

1. Instructors...

2. Why can't they fly!

3. Good work, Bad work

4. Bittersweet

5. Always

6. You're doing it wrong

7. Pants for the win

8. There are no friends

9. References, References...

10. The Harsh Truth of it

11. -Internally screams-

12. never again...

13. Thanks for the input.

14. Emmanuel at Arts Avenue lives by this

15. You can look but you can't touch

16. Sudden existential crisis

17. lost in typo

18. Just play it cool

19. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, everything!

20. Always and Forever

21. I now know what Picasso felt

22. ...

23. Call it mixed media

24. Improvisor mastery

25. F--cing A!

26. Don't you dare move a muscle!

26. apples and oranges

27. It's like Ying and Yang

28. ugh!

29. Not sure if...

30. It's been so long I don't try to anymore

31. just put the paper in the wait just hand it to me!

32. -Shutters-

33. Hello darkness my old friend

34. Maybe it's Derwent

35. ah so this is what absolute defeat feels like...

That's it! that's our top list! you can check out the original blog here for more LOLs and LMAOS when it comes to sharing the pain of being an artist! we hope this list brightend your day or break from exhausting new project!

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