19 Things Artists Are Tired of Hearing.

1, I wish I could have taken fun art courses in college too!

Yes, because studying other artists works, preparing final studio projects at 3 am, memorizing art theories and getting your final art critiques all in the same week equaling a B- is all the fun in the world.

2. Oh you didn't really go to school for that did you?

Sigh... Yea, some of us do, and no some of us don't. That doesn't not mean each of us are any more or less of an artist. however looking back at tuition does make me cringe a bit.

3.I can do that!

By all means go ahead! in a car off a roof, into a river away from me please.

4. what do you major in?

Again, some of us do major and some of us don't. Still, it's always an eye roll to hear this one.

5. Teach me!

Shoot! I'm still learning perspective!

6. Making Art must be so easy!


7. How will you pay for your student loans?

Oh I don't know maybe like you?

8. How long did this take to make!?

Why...why do you want me to remember!

But honestly, different pieces have different time periods, some can take a few hours, some take a few months. Sometimes what's finished and you go back and it's not finished at all which is why we all pout internally.

9. Oh can I see!?

-All five senses shuts down at one-

10. Can I upload this to my Instagram/social media!?

Oh! you mean without my name or credit?


11. You're going to be poor.

There seems to be a stigma that if you're an artist you're going to end up homeless on a bench eating your own toenails. Art is actually leading in the modern world, Whether you're a visual artist, designer, or anything else, With social media you have a platform and reach to people. Sure, you won't be in a million dollar penthouse (kudos to those who do!) but if you're committed to your passion you'll be okay.

12. Art is just a hobby

That depends, It deals with views and priorities. For some it can be a hobby that turns into something more, For others it can just remain a hobby. let's not generalize here.

13. Anime/Cartoons are not real art.

Can we just not with this...like really please?

14. I don't get it

That's totally fine! a lot of art is created from a personal place and some artists want the viewer to see it from from the viewer's personal perspective as well. Overall all art is an expression, it's how it makes you feel.

15. Do you draw real people?

We all have different styles and have different visions. let's not undermine an artists perception please?

16. I wish my degree was as easy to get as yours.

Because we about to fight.

17. You must have had a traumatic emotional experience to become an artist.

I am right now talking with you.

18. Artists are only famous when they die .

Okay...what will you be after you die billy interning for yelp? Seriously, not everyone makes art to be famous. Artists make art out of many reasons, Can we not just assume were among for Van Gogh.

19. Can You draw me?

Ah, the # 1 thing we as creatives are always sick of hearing. "can you draw me?" Yes! we can through commissions, So we can profit and make money if not? Nope! we get this way to much! if we all had a dime for how many times this was asked of us, we'd all live in Tribeca with indoor pools and a butler named Xavior. don't even ask... walk away, just simply walk away.

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