Publish and print your Art books for $8 with Chatbooks FREE BOOK PROMOCODE!

Chatbooks is an awesome photo book app that allows you to take photos from your Instagram, Facebook, Google photos and Device storage and turn them into real 6 x 6 sized photo-books printed and shipped out to you! Paste your own text here... or check this text.

Price: $8

For 8 dollars you can get a photo-book of your images sent right at home to you.

Today's hack is using the Chatbooks app to print art books


By using Chatbooks you can take your artwork from Instagram or your device and turn them into a cool art book to share or even catalog your art. First, download the Chatbooks app from your android or Iphone device. Simply open up the app, from there you'll be prompted to create a new series.

You'll have the option of

  1. Instagram

  2. Facebook

  3. Other (Custom Book)

Here's a quick rundown of what you can do with each option:

with Instagram: Each Photo added to Instagram automatically creates a page in your book series. You can easily drag, drop, add and take out any Instagram photo you don't want in your book. Free shipping! Facebook: It's pretty much the same output with Instagram, you will be able to easily take out any unwanted photos that appear when you sync your Facebook to Chatbooks to allow them to create a book from your phone. Other: (Custom Book) I highly Recommend using this Version! This feature allows you to choose custom photos from Instagram, Facebook, and your device all at once! With Custom Book you will have the option of the same price of $8 for 30 pages. However, You have the option of paying $1 dollar extra for each additional block of 10 pages.

Now that I've explained Chatbook's features we can move on to customizing. It's very simple to choose your photo locations (for this example were using Custom) and begin choosing your photos once you've chosen your photos you can customize!

  • Add cover and title

  • Edit book (drag and swap order/replace image)

  • Add more photos

Once you're finished You'll Be promoted to the order page where you will be asked about quantity, layout and cover approvals, shipping information and options, and payment options! once you're done you'll have your very own art book printed and sent out to you!

Here's a Free Chatbook on us!

apply this promo code at check out and you can have your very first Art book covered on us!

Promo Code: 9TYLHTYH

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