Why i don't think Instagram's snap stories aren't a terrible rip off of snapchat.

Since 2011, Snapchat has been one of the most downloaded social media apps for sharing temporary images and videos to your feed for 24 hours for the world to share. Through the years Snapchat would evolve into a more grandiose application with the addition of filters, live feeds from towns, and cities, and add in the mix of private messaging. Today not only social media users snap out images but, Huge company brands, musicians and more have taken to Snapchat to share their content and information. Recently, Instagram has gone through a series of updates. The most recent being the stories feed which allows you to take photo and 10 second video clips and share it with your users for 24 hours... That's pretty cocky of Instagram to blatantly copy booming direction of Snapchat, but not stupid. I actually believe from an Artists perspective as well as a social one this is one of the best moves instagram has made to date. Here's a couple of my reasons why I think that.

So right off the bat there are some differences between Insta-story and snap-stories I'm more prone to using Insta-stories for the extra features that Snapchat does not possess Insta-story features:

  • Allows you to actually rewind the story you're viewing for things you might have missed

  • More marker options to use for drawing and doodling on you Insta-story

  • Instagram allows you to take sections of your images or video and actually post to you Instagram account.

I believe one of the biggest take away from Instagram's story session is the ability to download sections of your story feed to your actual account and share it as an Instagram post. This means is there's ever a hilarious, jaw dropping, or life changing moment caught on your feed you have the option of saving it and making it a part of your feed. This smooth integration will win users over, not to say people will be giving up their dog filters and ability to throw up rainbows anytime soon. However, I sometimes think it's great to be presented a different option.

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