Tutorial! How to Turn your phone/tablet into a dual cast screen for art applications with OP sender!

Mirror OP sender is an application which allows you to cast videos, games, movies, and more from your android device straight to your desktop or laptop computer wirelessly! A really great application to own and when I heard of it I thought, “if it can cast game and other applications from your device to your laptop screen then it should be able to do the same for art applications!”

And I was right! Mirror Op sender effortlessly opened up my sketchbook express application and It was good to go! When using it felt like I was drawing with a Wacom tablet! I was able to zoom in and really get the best out of my application! Today I'm going to share with you how to download, set up and use Mirror OP to project to your laptop screen any and all art applications you have on your android device! (For this tutorial we'll be using windows and a samsung galaxy phone (but other android phones work just fine!)

Step one!

download for free!

What you're gonna want to do is open your web browser on your laptop/computer and go to Mirror Op's website Click here to be taken to the site From opening the web page you'll see the homepage go to receiver software and click windows. There you will be prompted to download their Product sender (beta) go ahead and click to download to your laptop.

Step 2:


After downloading windows sender to your laptop, you're gonna want to make sure you have an unzipping application to open the file for installation. I use Winrar it's easy and free to download! There's also other applications like Win zip you can use. Now unzip the file and install into your computer, once installed it should look like this below

once you've got that set up you'll see your computer's name and the sender address given to it for your android app to find. Now we can move to step 3.

Step 3:

Google play store:

(or app store if you're using apple applications) head over to your app store and write in Mirror OP sender.

  • If you have a samsung galaxy phone or tablet download the OP sender for galaxy

  • If you're running on a non galaxy device download the original OP sender

Open up Mirror Op receiver on your device then tap search for receiver your computer name will pop up along with the receiver number that is on your desktop application. (note this will not run unless you have internet connection) After you connect to Mirror OP you'll see a screen that looks like this on both your laptop and device screen simultaneously.

You can see both screens will show you the casting button. Click play on your device and you will immediately begin to cast from your phone to your screen in real time. The last step to do is open up an art application and start drawing! You'll see that as you're sketching and designing Mirror Op is directly reflecting what you're doing as if it was a Wacom tablet application software! You can also click full screen on the sender desktop menu to cast in full screen to get the most out of your art and application! That's all there is too it! Now get out there and make some awesome art

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