The Juliet Collection coming to Arts Avenue

Later this Month 529 Arts Avenue will unveil our first online gallery under our collections page. Our collections page will host online virtual galleries of local artists as well as feature collections of House Artist's The Serial Doodlist and the Pixelist The first online Gallery feature will be The Juliet series collection by The Serial Doodlist. Illustrator, Artist, and cartoonist, The Serial Doodlist draws inspiration from fashion, comics, and urban street art. Through these inspirations He created the Juliet series. A collection of portraits of comic style Illustrations which feature touches of design, color, and typography.

TThe serial doodlist has a fan following on instagram and facebook and is one of the founders of 529 Arts Avenue. To kick off the online Collection series He's decided to go all out and feature his recently completed Juliets that he has been working on since 2014!

The Juliet Collection goes live on our website Wednesday August 31st 12:00 am eastern time.

You can follow the Serial Doodlist on these links to show your support!



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