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Our top ten Android Art application Picks

August 12, 2016


As artists, we are always on the go and are always looking for ways to improve and challenge ourselves in the world of art. With the addition of digital applications now available at our fingertips we now have access to some of the most unique, and essential apps out there to help us better and enhance our crafts. 


We here at Arts Avenue spent a whole day surfing through google play and using these apps, and here are the top 10 art and design applications for android tablets and phones! 




Honorable Mention: 

MirrorOP sender:


Mirror Op sender is not an art application at all. Nevertheless, given the right circumstance, it can be a huge game changer when it comes to making digital art or drafting on your phone and tablet. What Mirror Op sender is essentially is a virtual mirror between your android device and your laptop. With this, you can cast your android screen to your laptop in real time wireless! You can share movies, pictures and games applications straight to your screen.


The Hack to this is to open up an art application on your android device and watch your artwork cast to your laptop screen in real time!




10. Paperless: early Melon (1.99)




Paperless is a Drawing app that lets you sketch, paint, and color however way you like with a blank canvas, it features watercolors, feather, pencils and various brushes. You can also customize the size, opacity, and smoothing of your lines. With paperless you have the option of sharing your work via Facebook. It'll cost you 2.00 but it's a fun app for dabblers and painters alike.



9. Fresco Paint: Sean Wilson (free/2.99)


Much like paperless Fresco Paint allows to simply paint! Essentially a free app but upgrading to the 2.99 version gets you 4 layers, 21 different filters, 12 brushes, and PSD support. A very fun and easy app to use when it comes to passing the time. (I use this on the train for fun!) 







8.Adobe Photoshop express: Adobe Free/(4.99)


Adobe Photoshop express is not adobe photoshop at all. However, it does hold some cool tools to enhance and amplify your images to your liking. With express, you can sync your images to your actual photoshop to continue serious editing. If you're not syncing and just using the express app you have at your disposal Filters, text, text effects painting brushes. Think of express as a delightful snack before you get home and have dinner. 




7Adobe light room: Adobe (Free/requires creative cloud subscription) 


Abobe light room is masterful and I mean masterful. An excellent tool to use when it comes to editing and photo manipulation. This application enables you to transform your pictures from a single tap with integrated filters to dabbling with advanced adjustments. Photo-sharing includes Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and much more. The one take away from this app is you need the creative cloud light room to use the full capabilities of this application. However, if you already have and use creative cloud you're set! 



6. Art Flow: Art flow Studio (free/4.99 upgrade)


Art flow is an application that turns your phone or tablet into a digital canvas. With over 70 brushes, file, eraser, and smudge tool, Art flow allows you to paint freely on your device. This app also supports PSD/PNG and Jpeg along with Samsung S-pen functionality. Overall a great application to spend your time dabbling and professionally making art.